The winery at Knightor was fully equipped in time to handle the grape harvest in October 2011. Grapes are predominantly whole berry pressed in our Wilmes 2500 to give us the highest quality juice we can obtain from them.

Fermentation in a mixture of fixed and variable capacity stainless steel tanks, with some vintages being aged in French oak barrels.

Wine maker – James Thomas

Hailing from the Isles of Scilly where he helped to establish his family’s vineyard, he moved to Australia to pursue his vocation and learn the latest New World techniques. Most recently making wine for a leading producer of premium quality, limited production vintages in the Melbourne area, he blends a New World approach with classic European methods to produce exciting, fresh and complex wines.

James also selects all the wines sold at Knightor, both from other UK producers and abroad. Trained in wine sensory analysis, and with a good knowledge of wine styles from around the world, he looks for not just the best, but that elusive mix of quality and value. His passion for wine, bordering on an obsession, ensures the range and quality of wine available at Knightor is exceptional.