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We have been working with the growers of Sierra Grande for many years, and Boutinot winemaker Eric Monnin has grown a close relationship with the aptly-named Hacienda Valle Frio, a beautiful 200 year old estate in the rocky, riverine Maule Valley. When Eric first visited the long-established family fruit grower he was hugely struck by the beautiful, 200 year old hill-top hacienda whose wooden columns and ancient palm trees have magically survived all the biggest earthquakes in recorded history.He was also struck by the strawberries grown there, and by sheer force of personality convinced them to grow some Pinot Noir! Since 2008, Eric has worked closely with winemaker Rodrigo on extracting the very best expression of their mountainous site apparent in the Sierra Grande Chardonnay and Cabernet, and of course the fabulous Pinot Noir that Eric tasted in those strawberries all those years ago!

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